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NO.464-【猎头职位:上海需要四位 软件工程师】联系人:May-Ye,邮箱:hr@kthr.com,微信也可查询职位了!打开手机微信,搜号码“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公众帐号“KT人才”或扫描以上二维码即可添加,欢迎大家关注!

Job Description:

You will be responsible for developing highly optimized solutions for deep learning software/hardware. You’ll collaborate with members of the AI community to define and implement the features needed to accelerate ***’s deep learning hardware and solution frame works. **hires will be involved in defining public APIs, performance tuning and analysis, crafting and implementing compiler and optimization techniques for neural networks, and other general software engineering work. The scope of HW effort focuses on energy-efficient domain-specific ASIC/SoC architecture, design/verification for ****’s custom deep learning IP and SoC solution.


Ø  MS/PhD or equivalent experience in CS, CSE, ECE, EE or related fields.

Ø  Ability to work independently, define project goals and scope, and lead your own development effort.

Ø  Excellent Python, C/C++ programming and software design skills, including debugging, performance analysis, and test design.

Ø  Knowledge of CPU and/or GPU architecture. CUDA or OpenCL programming experience desired.

Ø Experience with the following technologies is a huge plus: deep learning models and algorithms, deep learning framework design, high performance compiler design, or EDA synthesis and optimization algorithms.

Ø  Familiarity with PyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow etc. with strong hands on experience is also a big plus.

Ø Strong communication skills are required along with the ability to work in a dynamic product oriented team. A history of mentoring junior engineers and interns is a bonus.


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